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гостиница SOKOS VAAKUNA 4* first Местонахождение: Центр города Адрес: POSSENTIE 7, SF-13200 HAMEENLINNA, FINLAND, Телефон: 358-3-65831, Факс: 358-3-6583600 Количество комнат: 119 Скидки детям: с 2 по 15 лет. Баров: 6 Банкетных залов: 7 Обслуживание: c 1200 до 2300 Описание: Расположение CITY CENTRE 90 km to the nearest airport: HEL 2 minute walk to nearest bus stop. 4 km to the nearest fair site: Дополнительная информация LOCATION The vaakuna is situated on the shore of Hameenlinna`s beautiful lake vanajavesi. The city is a 5 minute walk across a bridge ROOMS The rooms are medium sized and kept in good condition. They are cosy, with tinted glass coffee tables, peach curtains and modern zigzag patterned chairs. RESTAURANT The restaurant is a large room, decorated thoughtfully in dark wood furnishing and floral patterns on the curtains and tablecloths. EXTERIOR It is a large and imposing white stone building with a grey roof whichis turreted in parts. LOBBY Inside, the hotel is completely modern throughout. The reception area containing the lobby is medium sized, but opens out towards a large bar and lounge GENERAL This is an excellent modern hotel in a picturesque location.

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