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Категории номеров 1-местное 2-местное РФ и СНГ Иностранцы РФ и СНГ Иностранцы Дополнительно высокий сезон - корп. Октябр. 15.05.-30.09 низкий сезон - корп. Октябр. 01.01-14.05, 01.10-31.12 высокий сезон - корп. Невск.15.05.-30.09 низкий сезон - корп. Невск. 01.01-14.05, 01.10-31.12 филиал низкий сезон 01.01-14.05, 01.10-31.12 филиал высокий сезон 15.05.-30.09

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Строительство саун

гостиница GRAND 3* first Местонахождение: Центр города Адрес: 17 VIA SEMPIONE, MURALTO 6602, LOCARNO, SWITZERLAND, Телефон: 41-91-7430282, Факс: 41-91-7433013 Количество комнат: 83 Скидки детям: с 2 по 16 лет. Баров: 1 Банкетных залов: 3 Обслуживание: c 700 до 2100 Описание: Расположение CITY CENTRE 30 km to the nearest airport: LUG Дополнительная информация LOCATION This hotel is located in the centre of Locarno, just a short walk from the railway station and the lakeshore. The hotel is set in its own delightful subtropical gardens. ROOMS The rooms are medium to large and vary from fair to good condition, as do the bathrooms. The rooms are quite traditional with high ceilings. The decor is simple and some of the furnishings have a rather dated appearance. RESTAURANT The a la carte restaurant is located on the lower ground and is decorated in a cavern style. EXTERIOR The exterior of the hotel is very traditional and grand in style. LOBBY The medium sized lobby is quite traditional with the focal point of the area being an elaborate antique chandelier. GENERAL This hotel is very traditional in style and was certainly an incredible property in its time. Despite the elaborately decorated public areas, many of the bedrooms would certainly benefit from some refurbishment in order to restore them to their former glory.